The Challenge Black Hat Wouldn't Take


One year has passed and no one from Black Hat, DEFCON or global hacking groups has been able to post or provide a successful break against a Whitenoise key.

André Brisson commented, "There was very little risk for us in running this contest even with a static key, an encrypted file and providing 1,000,000 bytes of key stream. No one, including funded universities, government institutions and large corporate security business units has ever put a scratch on Whitenoise technologies and they have access to almost unlimited resources and computing power."

"There simply is no way to successfully attack dynamic crypto, and in this contest if it used a dynamic key instead of a static one, the key would have changed over 2 million times," said André Brisson founder of Whitenoise technologies. "See the clock that is ongoing."


The contest officially started at 12:00:01 a.m. August 15, 2013. The contest officially ended August 14, 2014 11:59:59.

This is the ONLY OFFICIAL site for the Whitenoise Challenge That Black Hat Wouldn't Take.

Please download the contest rules, the contest challenge file and the key stream chunk from Whitenoise Contest Rules.

This link provides background and context for this challenge. . We will now respond to mature and serious participants directly.

Inquiries about participating in this cryptographic challenge can be addressed to . Civil and serious inquiries and questions will be answered. MEDIA: for an interview contact: Richard H. L. Marshall: CEO WNL - Former Director Global Cyber US DHS at or phone: 443-718-1833.

DEFCON is running this challenge which was first put to Black Hat by Andre' Brisson (founder of Whitenoise Labs) and the CEO of Whitenoise Labs in the Fall of 2012. Even though Black Hat had previously courted this CEO agressively to speak at one of their conferences, the challenge didn't even merit an email response. After that article had been posted an interesting thing was noticed: .

Some things don't change over six years - or ever for that matter. No one has ever successfully broken a Whitenoise key. Not even a respected university in Canada could demonstrate or document or show ANY data for a break after almost 2 YEARS having a single key deployed on an FPGA in their ECE Labs -and trying.

The University of California, Berkeley has conducted a security analysis: .

The Univerisity of Victoria, Canada has conducted performance testing on Whitenoise with a super computer array. There weren't even anticipated NIST test suite statistical failures: .

Register for the Whitenoise Challenge that Black Hat Would Not Take. If you are the first to decrypt the Whitenoise Security Challenge File while in compliance with the official promotion rules, you will win 200 Ks. Please go to the rules page for complete description.

This contest is open to anyone of age of majority and legal right: governments, universities (including the fpga university), labs, other security companies, corporations or individuals. It is the sole responsibility of the contestants to verify the legality of participating in such a kind of contest in their country or jurisdiction globally before entering the contest. The legality of a submission based on jurisdiction specific law will be verified by Whitenoise Laboratories Canada Inc. and an independent law firm and an accredited lab upon the receipt of any claimed break according to contest rules.

This contest is even open to Black Hat members.

You may operate as teams. You may use any resources or techniques available including quantum computing.

Download an encrypted file secured with Whitenoise and 1,000,000 bytes of key stream information from the contest file key. No one has ever demonstrated that Whitenoise can be broken but your efforts will advance research in this area.

The contest will run from 12:00:01 a.m. PST August 15, 2013 until 11:59:59 p.m.PST August 14, 2014 at which time soon after a SINGLE WINNER, if any, will be formally announced. The first valid, demonstrable and provable solution received will be awarded with the prize according to contest rules. During the duration of the contest, this site will announce on an ongoing basis whether there have been any submissions received. No other claims through any other sites are considered to have merit.

Good Luck
The Whitenoise Team

See the original $100,000 Challenge that still remains unsolved.

The original posting has never been removed.'t_be_broken.pdf

No one has ever been able to step up. The email addresses in the correspondence found in the paper on that site makes for interesting reading in its own right.

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