Welcome to Whitenoise Technologies.

Everyone should have the best security and privacy that is simple and cost effective. You shouldn't have to learn new passwords. It shouldn't be possible for you to lose your unique Identity Management key or to have it stolen.

Whitenoise and DIVA are patented technologies that create infinitely long and strong, one-time-pad keys that have NEVER been broken. No known attack classes have ever succeeded in breaking a Whitenoise key.

Whitenoise technologies create a security barrier around your private and confidential data for your networks, mobile communication and payment systems, like phones and tablets, and on any of your computers.

A single, one-time-pad Identity Management key is distributed once and provides for all your unbreakable security controls including:


Perfect, unspoofable identity
Secure network access
Continuous, dynamic authentication
Inherent intrusion detection
Automatic revocation
Encryption >250,000 bits
Each control has a unique index


DIVA and Whitenoise work seamlessly with public key systems to fix their fatal flaws creating a two-channel-multi-authentication-factor framework. A hacker needs to break two different systems simultaneously, one of which is dynamic (DIVA).

It is now a given that all existing, commercial cryptographic algorithms, except Whitenoise, can be broken. Existing systems make it easy to steal keys. Computational speeds allow simple brute force attacks on your encrypted cipher text.

There is a reason why major service providers and security companies are going to discontinue the use of the NIST approved Random Number Generator: it is NOT random enough and is creating unnecessary security issues.

With Whitenoise and DIVA you can continue to use your current encryption modules safely.

Understanding the truth is more important than ever now, as we try to balance the constitutional demand between Privacy AND Security.

There is not a single, secure public network on earth without Whitenoise and DIVA! But...

"With the recommended parameters, Whitenoise uses keys with at least 1600 bits randomness. Exhaustive search of 1600 bit keys is completely and absolutely infeasible. Even if we hypothesized the existence of some magic computer that could test a trillion-trillion key trials per second (very unlikely!), and even if we could place a trillion-trillion of these computers somewhere throughout the universe (even more unlikely!), and even if we were to wait a trillion trillion years (not a chance!), then the probability that we would discuss the correct key would be negligible (about ½ to the 1340 power which is unimaginably small). Hence, if keys are chosen appropriately and Whitenoise is implemented correctly, exhaustive key search is not a threat."

"After careful security analysis, I was unable to find any security weaknesses in the Whitenoise stream cipher. Whitenoise resists all of the attack methods I was able to think of. This provides evidence for the security of Whitenoise." David Wagner University of California, Berkeley and expert witness on cryptography for the US Congress.

Take control today - it is simple, easy and inexpensive.